Where to go on vacation?


This question troubles everybody, who wants to spend holiday not in the stuffy city at home or at the country side. The information below will help you to make your choise.

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To find out the best place to have a rest at the sea define the time of the year for vacation. In the summer the most popular resorts are Mediterranean and Black Seas, in the winter – south-eastern countries of the Asia, Red sea and the Arabian Gulf.

You should know the number of the fellow travellers: it is a tour for two people, or it is a family vacation with the children, or it is a tour for a noisy campaign.

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Your choice also depends on the kind of the tour, which you are interested in. It may be a tourist tour or a sea tour but two things together are also possible. Tourist tour should include exciting historic sites. If your choice is a sea tour – think over the infrastructure of the hotel and the range of the services, which are provided. The third variant should include sea resorts, which are near the centers of the historic sites.

Families with the children should consider a child age: little children are not recommended to fly on a long distance and have a sharp climate change. Mediterranean and Black Seas are the best choice for the families with children.

Have a good rest!

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