Visa support extended form

Dear tourists, due to technical problems, applications submitted between August 30 and 31 cannot be processed. If you left a request during this period, but did not receive a response, we ask you to fill out the application on the site again starting from September 1, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

To get free visa support, please fill in the form below and send us.

If you can’t use the form below or upload is unavailiable, please, write a letter to us —

Name as it appears in passport (name, then middle name (if you have), then surname)



Birthday (date format - day.month.year For example: 26.03.1984)

Present citizenship

Passport number

Arrival (date format - day.month.year For example: 20.03.2018)

Departure (date format - day.month.year For example: 26.03.2018)

Cities of stay (For example: Moscow, Samara, Saint Petersburg)

Hotels of stay (All hotels should be with address! For example: Metropolis hotel, Shkolnaya St, 48, Moskva, Russia, 109544. Westrum hotel, Komsomol'skaya St, 7 Б, Samara, Samarskaya oblast', Russia, 443099. Hotel Dalisi, Obvodniy channel embankment, 124, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 198095)

Upload scan or photo of your passport, or ID (if you choose ID - please sent us both side: front and back - you may use the upoad form or sent it by offical e-mail -

Uploaded scanned copy of your document should be:

  • colorful
  • all 4 corners of the document visible
  • well-read
  • document size does not matter, it should be about 1 MB. or more.


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