Summer life hacking: 7 ways to survive the wildest heat

Summer, of course, the perfect time of the year. If you spend it on the beach, for example. Or climb high into the mountains, where you will not worry perpetual traffic on the way to and from work. And the heat, which is converted into a metropolis in the torture of a few months. If you’re like most people, are forced to spend a wonderful time in the city, you probably try to spend on the street as little time.
But his home often becomes the very strength that can protect you from anything. How many times do you have to turn the pillow over night, vainly hoping to pick from both sides the coolest? Well, suffice it to endure. Here are some useful life hacking, to help survive this summer comfort — wherever you are.
Ice cubes with Aloe
Oils aloe plant beautifully moisturize, nourish, and most importantly — cooled tired skin from sunlight. Take an ordinary gel with aloe vera and pour it in molds for ice. Night in the freezer will turn this substance in an excellent tool that you can refresh your skin in any heat.


Freezing bed
No, not the whole (although it would be a bad thing). In a particularly hot night you will certainly help the following method. Put a few pillowcases and sheets in a sealed plastic bag and leave in the freezer for a couple of hours. You will be surprised how nice it is to sleep in the open, the cooling body underwear.


Fan and ice
Another way in which you will help the implementation of a conventional refrigerator. The lack of air conditioning — not a sentence, if you have a conventional fan and molds for ice. Frozen ice is put in a small bowl, in front of a fan and enjoy the coolness and saved on a split-system money.

Mini-fan in your bag
Yes, we know that the man on the street with a manual mikroventilyatorom looks pretty funny. But it is necessary to decide what is more important for you — a breath of cool air in the midday heat, and sidelong glances of the people you never see. Buy this toy and throw in a backpack, it will save you in the most painful moments of the day.

Antiperspirants and hair
Sometimes the heat is so unbearable that even your head is sweating. To sweat poured your eyes, use a regular deodorant odorless. Apply it to the hairline — and try to trick your not seen anybody around.

Cold beer per minute
Not necessarily a beer, another drink in glass containers can be frozen in the same manner. Just like us more beer. Cool just standing at the counter of the hot beverage can in less than a minute. Dampen a towel with cold water, wrap them beer and put in the freezer. Note the time. Remove. Enjoy cool. Repeat if necessary!

Darken the room
The easiest way to protect the apartment from the relentless rays of the summer sun, you can use plain white sheets. Attach them to the windows overlooking the sunny side. The white color reflects the rays, not allowing luminary to heat your den to a temperature of Mercury.

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