How to protect your money when traveling?

Travel — is unfamiliar places, new people, fun and adventure. So, take care of the safety of their money in this time of need even more carefully. How to do it best? We describe below.


Nearing the hottest time of holidays and travel. Going to another country, it is important to remember that tourists bring the lion’s share of profit thieves and robbers many cities. Meeting with such unfriendly minded people can not only spoil the impression from the trip, but also call into question the continuation of the rest. Therefore Layfhaker publishes a few tips that will help to protect the money in the journey.

1. Go to the bank before you go

In the West, many banks provide services geographically and can block the card in case of withdrawal of funds in places other than your usual locations. In Russia, this is less common, but some banks have offices in other countries. Detailed information about the partners and branches of your bank will be very useful in case of lost or blocking of the card. It is necessary to clarify the procedure and in some unpleasant event abroad.

2. Make a list of the contents of the purse

Before the trip, spend the audit peculiar wallet or purse. Write down a list of its contents on a separate sheet of paper and put it in a safe place. Credit card number is not recorded, but the phone hotline bank to be written with the rest of the contents. All that may be required for the proceedings to the police in the event of loss or theft of a purse, and if necessary, block the card over the phone.


3. Keep copies of personal documents

Before the trip, make photocopies of passports, driving licenses, visas and other documents that you will need in the form of scripts.

Copies should be done in triplicate. One is advisable to take and store separately from portable instruments, such as left in the hotel safe or in a suitcase, which is in the room. The second copy of copies should be left at home, and others — to convey a loved one or a friend with whom to keep in touch while traveling.
If this passport is lost, a copy handy. If it happens that at the same time lost and copies stored in a room, it will be possible to phone a friend or relative and get the minimum necessary information about the documents or even copies of themselves.

Despite the many problems and inconveniences, some airlines still allow flights without the original document if there is a copy of the police report and confirming the theft of documents.

4. not to fill your wallet

Travel light. Carry only those credit cards, business cards and receipts that are sure to be used on the trip. Handy in your wallet and a copy of health insurance with brief information about vaccinations, blood group and intolerance.

If you are traveling with a debit (salary) card, be very careful.
It is better to keep it in the hotel safe and use only in emergency cases, since it gives direct access to the current account. This allows some operations without requiring a password. Therefore, for everyday use it is to have a separate card.


5. Use a credit card with no commission

Carry a lot of cash is no less dangerous than using a debit card. Instead, consider using a credit card with zero commission for operations abroad. Some banks offer similar cards with fraud protection service. This will cancel the operation if it is lost or stolen.

6. Use ATMs with caution

Unfortunately, the cash has come to an end, no matter how much they may be with him. But to use ATM too often is not recommended. For cash withdrawals, the bank owner of the ATM will take a significant commission. In addition, there is a risk of running into a fake ATM machine or device that reads the card data and password. To avoid this (although not with absolute assurance) knowingly allow the use of proven ATM — offices in major banks, hotels or at the airport. For more certainty, you can check the ATM on site Visa or MasterCard.

7. Remember the antiquated methods of preserving cash

Keep the money in your wallet is very convenient, but not very safe. The journey can be useful special pocket for money, located where they kept our grandfathers and grandmothers. Yes, secret pockets in underwear and clothes. You can keep cash in the pouch around his neck (to get more comfortable, although it is less secure).

Today, it is not necessary to sew pockets like yourself — you can find much more modern and reliable finished version. Even shoes can be bought with a secret pocket in the sole or in the ankle.

8. Proceed without delay if your wallet was stolen

If your wallet and / or documents stolen while traveling, you must immediately contact the police for the minutes of the incident. This will require not only to attempt to return loss, but also for insurance claims (unless, of course, you are insured against theft). After that you want to block your cards and bills or ask the bank employees to track the withdrawal of funds (may be required in the police investigation, which will be the beginning of your search for things).

If you have lost the documents, please contact the nearest consulate or embassy.
Of course, all these measures do not give an absolute guarantee of safety of your money in the tour and travel, but at least you can feel more freely and avoid the most common problems with finances.

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