Applications for the road: 10 mobile guides to museums, galleries and parks

«Your MAMM»

One of the world’s first attempt to cross the mobile guide (Moscow Multimedia Art Museum) and sensor technology epplovskuyu iBeacon. Sensors in this case — in MAMM several dozen — transform walls and exhibits in interactive objects, and contact them via bluetooth phone becomes a personal guide.



That is, relatively speaking, come to the exhibition, refer to the iPhone, and there is an exhibition of color photographs «Early Light. Russian empire. 1890-1910-ies, «she said to herself.


Presumably, the most comprehensive to date mobile travel guide for ENEA with a map of the complex, calendar of exhibitions, audio guides and so on. Pay particular attention to the historical layers — they show how ENEA and its pavilions looked in the past. The application, unfortunately, only for Android.


Application for the exhibition of military equipment, which takes place at the Exhibition Center in the pavilion «Engineering». Among the exhibits, such as self-propelled fire installation «Buk», the Su-27 and even the missile complex «Topol». See all of this in the annex even more interesting: digital projection on the screen show how this technique goes, shooting and flying in combat.
«Landscape. Art designer «


The first application of the Tretyakov Gallery — the designer for tablets, allowing their artistic landscape to collect puzzle. The raw material — twenty pieces of Italian paintings of the landscape of Fyodor Matveyev critics with comments.
Bulgakov Map


Mobile map Bulgakov Moscow (repeat, add a route map on the website of the museum of the writer). With the application of the writer becomes half the town museum and exhibitions — routes to places somehow related to him or the heroes of his books. This is the street where he lived Bulgakov, when he arrived in Moscow, that’s where then moved, then the basement, which served as the prototype of the apartment Master, but here gateway where the Transfiguration may buy Krakow sausage.
Apprentice Architect


Entertainment for children in the Paris modern art gallery Fondation Louis Vuitton, known primarily for its fabulous building in the form of a glass of the iceberg. At the entrance there is a small issue Ipad, and while parents go on expositions of children through the application try on the role of students of the architect Frank Gehry, who designed this gallery. Actually, Apprentice Architect — is a set of cognitive games that children do not get bored at the museum. One shows the structure of the building it, and the other offers a 3D-model the iceberg, and the third — to hunt in the crowd at the museum staff.
The Met


Appeared relatively recently guide the New York Metropolitan Museum with the usual set: a calendar of exhibitions, curators recommendations, ticket office. Plus endless review of museum collections: Egyptian antiquities, European paintings, the Japanese weapons, hipster mustache outstanding exposure and god knows what else. This summer, the app thoroughly updated, and it appeared exemplary museum map — plan all floors Underground in real-time showing of the exhibition and all changes in the program.
Shakespeare’s Globe 360

Three-dimensional model of Shakespeare’s theater «Globe». That is a copy of a copy: it reproduces the reconstructed in the 90s building. The model can turn in different directions, go inside and stand in the stalls. Texts and talking heads explain how the theater was reduced and the reconstruction of the burned-out may differ from the original in the XVII century. There is a special offer: the dollar by the digital «Globe» start up on the stage and behind the scenes.
Journeys of Invention


Collection of 80 greatest inventions, many of which are on display at London’s Science Museum. From the first steam locomotive and a portable kriptomashiny «Enigma» to Dolly and the command module of one of the «Apollo». Inventions are as eerily realistic models, some of them are allowed to play. For example, using didzhitalnoy copies of the same «Enigma» in the appendix, you can encrypt your message and — so far without it — send it to a friend. Ask for it, however, 600 rubles.
Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy


268 diary pages of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings and recordings from the collection of Elizabeth II. Figures are provided with neat interactive copies in 3D, the text — a special magnifying glass to decipher the handwriting of Leonardo mirroring and English pony. I should add that the application is not exactly new, but we overlooked at the time, moreover, it is now free (used to cost a thousand).

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