7 tricks of the ideal flight, which most passengers do not know

Airplanes are one of the most modern modes of transport, so it is not surprising that not all passengers know about the numerous features of air travel.
FreeVisaSupport.ru has collected for you another portion of air travel secrets, thanks to which your flights will be much more comfortable.

In the field, the porthole is colder.

The temperature outside the aircraft can reach -60-65 ° C, which leads to cooling of the fuselage. This is most strongly felt in the field by the porthole, especially in the summer, when everyone wears shorts and t-shirts. Therefore, if you want to admire the beautiful scenery from the window, it is better to dress warmly.


From tea and coffee in the plane is better to refuse
Drinking water, which is used on board for making beverages, can contain pathogens like E. coli or Staphylococcus aureus. To such conclusions at different times experts came after laboratory studies of samples taken in aircraft of different airlines. Therefore, it is better to prefer tea and coffee bottled water or the same tomato juice.


Folding tables and seat pockets are one of the dirtiest items on the plane
The garbage collected during the flight often appears in the pocket in front of the standing chair. And they are not cleaned as carefully as you would like. The truth about the folding tables is even more severe: stewardesses admit that they are often used to change the baby’s diaper. Therefore, take with you to the plane wet wipes, do not put food on the table past the tray, and leave personal belongings in the bag.

The most favorable time for a flight is the morning
If you have the opportunity to choose the departure time, preference is best given to the morning flights. First of all, in the morning the probability of flight delay is lower. In addition, early departures are preferable for aerophobes, because, according to experts, in the morning hours less turbulence.

Service on the last rows of the aircraft is better
Sitting in the front rows, you can get out of the plane one of the first and get for lunch a treasured chicken instead of fish. But choosing places from behind, you can count on a more attentive attitude of the staff. The stewardesses themselves explain it this way: it’s easier to bring an extra portion of food, a bottle of water, headphones and much more to the back rows and stay unnoticed by other passengers, which means avoiding other similar requests.

Do not inflate the head rest pillow
Taking a pillow under your head, do not forget about the laws of physics. If you inflate it completely, because of differences in atmospheric pressure in flight, it may burst. Therefore, the pillow should be slightly deflated.

Make a choice in favor of a special menu
Many airlines offer several options for onboard meals to choose from. Among them there is a vegetarian menu, halal and kosher menu, seafood menu and much more. Even if you do not have special food preferences, try to choose a special menu: connoisseurs say that it is more delicious and more diverse than usual. For example, in the picture — the usual and kosher menu of the airline «Aeroflot». Feel the difference!

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