5 apps for travelers.

Every day more confident spring claimed by forcing dream of places away from the bustle of the big city. We’ll tell you about the applications, which must be in every smartphone, going on vacation.


Holidays — an excellent opportunity to look at new countries to conquer the wild, or simply leave the imprint of a body on the hot sands of the beach. Anyway, for this you need a plane ticket, which just do not want to spend half the money deferred. Search for the cheapest ticket possible — just for what is needed SkySkanner.



Service analyzes airline flights and other booking agents to provide the most favorable conditions. Customer SkyScanner enough to decide to where he wants to fly, to enter the date and choose the best ticket.

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For those suffering from aerophobia and just eager to taste the adventure hitchhiker has BlaBlaCar. Who are trying to neutralize the risks associated with movements in a similar way.



After registration, the application should choose the 2 point — how and where you want to reach. At a great distance to be prompted to add an intermediate city. After specifying the date of departure, BlaBlaCar pick up the drivers who will go at the right time and the right place. Some of them will agree to give you a lift for free, someone has to pay for gasoline.
Drivers have a profile and travel information, phone numbers, photos and reviews. So it is possible to insure, not to get in the car to «suspicious type,» or «inadequate young lady.»
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We need to think about where to stay. Booking service application has all the functionality of the site, on the cat heard any traveler. After registration, with the help of the program can be booked hostels, hotels worldwide. Booking has a huge database, numbering about 625 000 beds for the night, satisfying all tastes.


To facilitate the search for refuge, the application has a flexible filtering system by district, number of stars, price per night and other parameters.
After choosing a suitable hotel in the application, you can see how it will look a room and then pay for it. At the time of arrival will only show the screen of your smartphone.
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Having defined the temporary place of residence, it is time to reflect on leisure. Major urban places, authentic food, informal attractions — all this information is stored numerous guidebooks, which are bursting with abundance of bookstores. However, in a case is not always room for a couple of paper guides.





As always comes to the rescue of a smartphone with the application of the publication of the World Poster. The guide contains information on bales of countries and cities where users and editors recommend to visit, advise how to save and what to try out the local cuisine.
The application had not been updated in design, but the team is in full process of establishing a completely new version.
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If the previous application is a great guide with a focus on editorial opinion, it resembles TripAdvisor Foursquare, where information is provided to users. The application is ready to tell all environment: bars, restaurants, hotels, entertainment. Therefore, the most difficult is not to get lost in the variety of options.



Service operates since 2000, so it has a certain weight among hotels and restaurants. If you see a sticker on the door with the «owl», you can be sure that the place was highly appreciated by the visitors.
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