12 stunning films that inspire you to travel.

We are surrounded by a vast and interesting world, and if we do not see it with your own eyes, you will be very sorry about it in old age. Travel — it is a wonderful experience, a wonderful opportunity to explore this vast world, to understand another culture and meet people from different corners of the Earth. These 12 films will inspire you for sure on what to pick up my things and go on a trip!

1. Life is too short to stay in one place when there is a whole unknown world

See the world around, to know all its dangers, see through walls, to be closer, to find each other and feel. This is the purpose of life.
«The Secret Life of Walter Mitty»

2. While traveling, you will not only get into the new place: you expect a new life stage

If you can wake up in a different place. If you can wake up at a different time. Why would not one day wake up a different person?
«Fight club»
Fight Club (1999) Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Screengrab)

3. The most beautiful place in the world is not always possible to find on the map. Learn to explore the world on their own

We do not follow maps of buried treasure, and treasure anywhere and never marked with a cross.
«Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade»

4. You will never be able to understand the difference between different places, there is no visit

Vincent: You know, like in Paris called chetvertfuntovy cheeseburger?
Jules: What do they call him «chetvertfuntovy cheeseburger?»
Vincent: They’ve got the metric system. They do not understand it, what kind of hell — a quarter of a pound.
Jules: And how do they call it?
Vincent: They call it «Royal cheeseburger.»
Jules: «Royal cheeseburger?» Then what they call «Big Mac»?
Vincent: «Big Mac» — a «Big Mac», only they call it «Le Big Mac.»
«Crime novel»

5. Fear often accompanies us on a journey, and it is normal

Do not give up on proposals, do not be afraid to taste the unknown. Always be polite, and always leave on time. Look at all the mind. Absorb feelings. And if it hurts — probably, it is also valuable.

6. Get out of your comfort zone. Embark on an unusual, exotic places that will make you a different look at life

English — who needs it? I never go to England!
«The Simpsons»

7. It is normal if during the trip you feel a little lost

We have not yet found himself.
«The Darjeeling Limited. Desperate travelers «

8. When you begin to travel and visit a lot of places, you will realize how much you love your home

There is nothing better at home.
«The Wizard of Oz»

9. People with whom you are traveling together, no less important than the location to which you are traveling. These people can make your trip a memorable one

Let’s never come here not because there will never be so much fun.
«Lost in Translation»

10. Travel does not always mean luxurious, because the most important thing — is to get acquainted with a new country and a different culture

I am not so rich, but if I want, I can stay at «Hilton», but for me, really travel — is to spend the night in hostels.
«Map on Saturday»
11. There are people who really can not afford to travel due to lack of money. But there are those who have the opportunity to travel, but they refuse to adventure just because he did not want to get out of your comfort zone

Most people can not afford this luxury — just leave everything behind.

12. Action around us!

When pulled to the bottom of the problem, look up!

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