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Dear tourists, due to technical problems, applications submitted between August 30 and 31 cannot be processed. If you left a request during this period, but did not receive a response, we ask you to fill out the application on the site again starting from September 1, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


You have never been to Russia? Or are planning to visit our hospitable the country again? In any case, most likely you will need a visa. And for her receiving — visa support (or visa invitation), which we have for you arrange absolutely free! Welcome to the only Russian service offers free visa support.

 Tourist Invitation

Period of stay: 1 to 30 days (up to 36 months for US Citizens)
Entries: Single or Double entry
Flexibility: You can stay where you want and as long as you want.Processing time:1 to 24 hours.You will get: A scanned copy (per e-mail) both of the original Reservation confirmation and the Tourist voucher.These are all the documents needed to get a Russian visa.
Price:  Free

 Get Tourist Invitation

Visa support to Russia — a document to be submitted to the consulate in obtaining visa. Such record is provided by hotels or tourist deal firms with proper accreditation. Visa support, yet it sometimes referred to as visa invitation to Russia, is a document consisting of two parts: one part containing information in Russian. Another part of the duplicate the information in English. The invitation must necessarily contain data about the receiving side — that is, the company providing services for such invitations. The document must indicate the multiplicity of Visa: single, double or multiple. Should reflect the purpose of trip: it may be tourism, if the trip as a tourist, business — if you travel corresponding to the purpose and so on. In accordance with the data specified in visa document of support should be granted a visa and — therefore necessary to accurately. These data indicate that the visa and visa letter for invitation not contradict each other.

Visa support

Are mandatory and personal data of the person who receives a visa — the name and surname in full, your travel dates, date of birth and of course a passport number or substituting document.

Visa support should contain data about the place you are staying in — usually that is the address of the hotel. It is necessary to fully specify the address — including the country and index.

From visa invitation should be understood that the accommodation and services in accommodation is fully prepaid — because the main purpose of the letter of support to show that the tourist is not only reserved seat stay but it is also completely paid.

Certainly document must contain the signature of the company director and seal of this company.

Documents, which you received on our site and you want to print and add to the rest of the documents to get a russia visa. For this purpose you will need a copy of that we send. Original invitation is not required.

Each visa support to Russia has its own unique number, which set at the top. If you have any questions — you can email us, just tell us your letter of support number and last name, which is made on the visa support.

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